Asama Memorial Cottage
from Asama to the world

"Asama Memorial Cottage" was built in May 1989 by the cooperation of our club and Naganohara town here to hand down "(Mt.)Asama Kazan(volcano) Race" for a long time in memory of "Asama Kazan Race". Because "Asama Kazan Race" made the base of "Japan as motorcycle's paradise all over the world" and bred many capable people. "Asama Kazan Race" was held from 1955 to 1959 at this place.
The basics of Japanese motorcycle technology were cultivated in "Asama Kazan Race". It was a severe race. we can understand it from reason that in those days( 1950's) that were more than 200 companies be became only 4 companies now a days. People of "Asama" mastered it's difficulty. There were pain, sorrow, sweat and tears of people in the old days of "Asama". They tried to be the world's best and repeated victory.Finally, Japanese motorcycle arrived at a world's best in the remarkable speed. Like the word "the person who won the world Grand Prix won global market" In this way "Asama" is the origin of motorcycle culture of Japan and Japanese rider, and it's hometown.