that hands down motorcycle history

the 1st - the 4th

the 5th - the 8th

the 9th - the 12th

the 13th - the 16th

the 17th - the 18th
To those who are seeking knowledge of historic motorcycles as well as modern machines,
To all who appreciate, restore, ride to maintain old two-wheeled vehicles,
To those who are willing to contribute to building a motorcycle museum for the clubman,
To all disciplined motorcyclists who are strict to themselves, but who always have common sense,
To the people who are infinitely gentle and generous to others,
To the people who are willing to contribute as part of team rather than observing from outside,
To knowledgeable enthusiasts who speak motorcycle history and its culture to latter generations,
To the members who enjoy gathering at the land of gASAMAh where people return to reunite,
Our Asama Meeting Club will dedicate itself to lavish unexceptional contribution.

We will hold FOURUM from the thought that we want to hand down history of motorcycle and in comformity with mind of this philosophy.