70th Asama meeting
The turning point's 70th was held in a new place.

The turning point's 70th meeting was held in a new place. Arrangements' staff were changed and became younger than past. I feel challenge and innovation in this meeting. They'll prepare meeting from now.

A boss of Arrangements' staff is Mr.N., 2nd from the right. He has smart brain and humor.

Marking off the line of parking space. A waist is getting tired from this work.

Preparations for reception desk.

Preparations is over completely. Let's have lunch!

The staff of the kitchen of the hotel.

It become skiing area in winter. Ski lift is working. I try and step on it...

...Scenery opened out. And I can see Mt. Asama in the front. It's good view!

The meeting place where Mount Asama can be seen. What a fine view!


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