Software for cutting down photo data

Copyright(c)2000-2002 / Akihiro Koyanagi

How to use?

"SHUKUSEN"(shukusen.exe) is useful software for cutting down photo data when you upload to web or attach to e-mail.
But this software's menu is Japanese only. Your PC would be garbled to read if the PC didn't have Japanese font. And except Japanese people would not be able to see each menus even if PC displayed right.
But I think that you can use this software by reading below explanation, ignore garbled to read.
This software is very simple and works by only this. This doesn't use any Windows Registry. If you need not this. You just only throw a folder into a trash box.

(1) Set maximal Pixel size of resized photo

(2) Set options

(3) Set a way of the data saving

This document was written by Kitamura.