The 17th forum
May 2007

The chief director Nakaoki reported that club activities have been certified as NPO.
Kamitani who was HONDA MC developer talked about the progress report and the future prospects about the Miyakejima island race plan.
Kazuo Koseki who is a motorcycle journalist and Nakaoki talked with about the present conditions and the proposal of motorcycle market, from a state of the postwar development and history.
Hiroshi Hasegawa who was team YAMAHA and fought in one place after another in a world race with Fumio Itoh wrote a song about the Asama memory and sang it.

Memory of Nakaoki
October 2007

Our chairperson Mitsuru Nakaoki passed away in August. We had a meeting in memory of him. Some people told his memory. We refreshed determination of the club continuation, established by him.

Jalke Jakinson and his LAVERDA
May 2008

Jalke Jakinson is coming after a long absence. He is a senior manager of the plane adjustment section in charge of the East Asia of FedEx Express. He was a member of club. He helped a private racing team who is our club's member in the past. They had dream and plan that they challenge Daytona International speedway to race. But finding transportation for machines and parts was great trouble to them. He helped them when he knew its difficulty. At last, they could make their dream and plan true by his help. They are each the motorcycle engineer. So, they completely tuned up his LAVERDA as special thanks. That LABERDA is this LABERDA 1000RGS. And He left it to our museum when he left Japan.

The 17th forum
October 2008

This year is 30 years anniversary of the YAMAHA SR500/400. So we invited Atsushi Ishiyama. He is the man who designed YAMAHA SR500/400. Also he is designing many motorcycles of YAMAHA. His idea about motorcycle's design is "slim", "light" and "compact". He told about motorcycle's designs, from 1960's to the present.